Fresh daily baked goods and special orders. We try to acomadate any request, so if you do not see what you would like, ask, i may have or come up with what you want.


(any of these may be customized to your taste..just need to wait for baking them.. no minium)

oatmeal rasin    sugar    peanut butter    chocolate chip 

chef choice    seasonal     

We also bake fresh white bread that is used to make sandwiches with Boars Head brand meat and cheeses.

(other breads are avaible also)

other pastries and baked goods change daily...if you have a request call ahead, if early enough we might get it in that day.

muffins, brownies, pies ,fruit tarts, cakes, cupcakes,turnovers.....

we stock the following Boars Head products( Also avaible by the pound or on party trays)

Roast Beef       American Cheese     Dill Pickles

Turkey            Swiss Cheese           Deli Mustard

Ham               Provolone Cheese

Bacon              Cheddar Cheese

toppings include but not limited to

lettuce    tomatoe    onion

mayo    mustard    Sub Dressing

sea salt    Cracked pepper

we also offer

tuna sandwiches

house made cole slaw    side salads